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Welcome to The Balanced Blonde Podcast! Here we will discuss everything from the young entrepreneurial blogging life to wellness, friendship, branding a business, writing, how to keep the passion alive and so much more. On each episode Jordan will interview someone in her life who has set their soul on fire and is doing awesome things. As always, we want you to get know Jordan better through this podcast and give you a glimpse into her life and those who she is closest to! It's going to be a blast, so relax, enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!
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The Balanced Blonde Podcast (Soul On Fire) // Health, Wellness, Blogging, Spirituality, Branding, Business, & so much more!



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Mar 29, 2017

Jordan chats with wellness blogger, food photographer, recipe developer, workshop leader, natural food lover, and the epically down-to-earth human that is Lee Tilghman. She’s only been in LA for two years, and already she is a vital part of the local wellness scene. They talk about turning your passions into a career, being an extroverted introvert (see a theme here?), how they found balance with workouts, the health benefits of strength training, over exercising (and how to avoid it), getting into blogging, living alone, entrepreneurship, Instagram inspirations, designing your space, eating for your hormones, cutting out alcohol, and how Lee is dealing with her diagnosis of PCOS (hint: real food). Also, they talk wellness hacks!


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Mar 22, 2017

Jordan chats with Mary Beth LaRue, a yoga teacher, coach, writer, kindred spirit, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss. The girls have been admiring each other from afar and on social media for a long time, and then they ran into each other at Erewhon (health food heaven)! They discuss cartoons, alcohol, labels, being an introvert, loving your fear, teaching, listening to your body, Silver Lake vs. Venice Beach, mushroom coffee, meeting your soulmate, and how you can rock your bliss.

They really connect on being extroverted introverts in the big city, and share some awesome tips that will help introverts communicate with extrovert friends and say yes to a little bit less.

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Mar 15, 2017

Jordan chats with creator of One Part Plant & author of new plant-based cookbook by the same name, Jessica Murnane. Jordan and Jess connected through their agent Sarah Passick years ago by being Sarah’s first ever clients (!!), and have had a love affair from afar ever since. The ladies chat about everything from their mutual issues with misophonia (the hatred of sound), to Jessica’s long-awaited cookbook deal, the podcast life, Jess’s mission in life to not be considered a blogger, adoption, and so much more.


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The Cookbook Deal Podcast:

Mar 8, 2017

Jordan chats with Elizabeth Kott & Steph Simbari, the duo behind comedy & wellness podcast That’s So Retrograde. They share their wellness journeys, their weirdest wellness tips, what it’s like to be a comedian in LA, productivity hacks, wellness elixirs, reiki love, all of their soul on fire goodness, dream guests on their top-rated podcast, and more. There is also a REBBL tonic giveaway at the beginning of the episode, so be sure to rate, review & subscribe to enter yourself into the giveaway!


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Mar 1, 2017

Jordan chats with CEO of 70 million dollar company Pruvit, the Keto OS company that she uses on a daily basis, all about how he found success, what his entrepreneurial journey has looked like, how to deal with failure, his top tips for managing a team, the extreme health benefits of ketones in the body, and so much more. Brian’s tips for building a business are invaluable, and of course Jordan asks him what his favorite ketone flavors are, what his biggest challenges look like, and other fun things.


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