The Balanced Blonde Podcast (Soul On Fire) // Health, Wellness, Blogging, Spirituality, Branding, Business, & so much more!

Welcome to The Balanced Blonde Podcast! Here we will discuss everything from the young entrepreneurial blogging life to wellness, friendship, branding a business, writing, how to keep the passion alive and so much more. On each episode Jordan will interview someone in her life who has set their soul on fire and is doing awesome things. As always, we want you to get know Jordan better through this podcast and give you a glimpse into her life and those who she is closest to! It's going to be a blast, so relax, enjoy and SUBSCRIBE!
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The Balanced Blonde Podcast (Soul On Fire) // Health, Wellness, Blogging, Spirituality, Branding, Business, & so much more!




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Dec 28, 2016

Jordan chats with Sarah Pendrick, women empowerment leader and founder of GirlTalk Network, all about running their own businesses, the power of the intuition, energy feeding energy, the non-profit life, and more. Sarah also tells the story of how she met her perfect man & manifested the life of her dreams.


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Dec 21, 2016

Jordan chats with one of her idols -- OG yoga rockstar, best-selling author and wellness entrepreneur extraordinaire Kathryn Budig. They discuss their definitions of "fate," the evolution of yoga, their book writing processes, where Kathryn is headed next & more!

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Dec 14, 2016

Jordan chats with skincare specialist Lisa Hyde about all things skincare that WORKS, how both of their hormones went wacky and their skin exploded, how rigorous workouts do not help the problem, and how they both found balance again. 

Dec 7, 2016

Jordan & Katie chat all things "HSP" (Highly Sensitive Peeps!), teaching yoga & spin to a room full of sometimes *interesting* people, discuss their mutual love for being NICE to people and hate for the sounds that come along with sitting in an of

Nov 30, 2016

Jordan chats with food blogger, Instagram celeb & her dear friend Rachel Mansfield all about starting a blog, running a business and how they set their souls on fire. ALSO, cookbook for Rach in near future?!

Nov 22, 2016

In this episode I chat with holistic nutritionist, health coach, wellness entrepreneur extraordinaire, freelance writer and science GEEK (in the best way) Kelly Leveque! We chat about all things from our friendship to blood sugar balance to the smartest w

Nov 16, 2016

In this episode I interview my animal communicator & pet psychic, Miranda Alcott. We hear all about Miranda's story, tips for dealing with emotions as an empathetic person, and together we interview my cat (and light of my life) HUDSON!

Nov 8, 2016

Meet wellness guru Sophie Jaffe and hear all about how she balances being a fitness rockstar, a full-time mama, full-time entrepeneur, incredible wife, friend and MORE. Jordan is so inspired by her and their friendship is a special one.

Nov 2, 2016

Chatting about all things from our relationship to my CRAZY ways, her impeccable fashion sense & more!

Oct 24, 2016

Welcome to the first episode of The Balanced Blonde podcast! Jordan & her close friend Brandin Cohen, CEO & Co-Founder of Liquid I.V., talk starting a business, balancing friendships with the crazy CEO startup life, tips to remain authentic & open, funny stories about THEIR friendship, B’s advice to “focus on the rocks”, how he’d grow TBB if he was Jordan's advisor… and more!